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Our Mission Statement
Our customers will have the best possible buying experience!

Our Vision Statement
We will develop and provide products, services, knowledge, and skills, while giving the best possible buying experience. We will build relationships that create and maintain lifelong customers. Our ultimate goal is to be recognized beyond our industry as a leader in customer service.

About HVACtool.com

HVACtool.com has a history of meeting the needs of HVAC professionals that spans nearly 60 years — long before web sites or even the internet. Our business was founded by inventor and entrepreneur John H. Leavey, who was asked to develop a pilot cleaning pressure pump for gas servicemen in the Syracuse, New York area. He created the Leavey Pilot Cleaning Pump Kit (AK114) in 1956, a design so advanced that it is still sold today.

The acceptance of this quality pump led to the establishment of John H. Leavey Manufacturing Inc., which grew steadily until his death in 1971. The company was acquired by his daughter and son-in-law, Pat and Tony Sciacca, who tended the business in Mr. Leavey’s memory until their retirement in 1994. It was then that John H. Leavey’s grandson, Thomas J. Sciacca, assumed control of the company.

Tom advanced the company in new directions, including its first web site in 1996 and the launch of HVACtool.com in 1999 to help customers get the HVAC tools they need quickly and conveniently. Our focus on e-commerce led to change the name of our parent company from John H. Leavey Manufacturing to JHL Supply in 2001, and we continue to update HVACtool.com to make it user-friendly and easy to shop.

And as the HVAC industry continues to evolve, we will keep HVACtool.com on the cutting edge, offering the latest technology from leading manufacturers at low, mail order prices. We hope you’ll visit often to stay abreast of the latest products, services and information.