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Leavey Pilot Cleaning Pump Kit

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    Leavey pilot cleaning pump kit was invented in 1956 by John H. Leavey for his local gas utility company to save time when cleaning gas pilots and eliminate the need to replace gas pilot orifices. It is the best pilot cleaning tool available!  Developed over 40 years ago the Leavy Pilot Cleaning Pump Kit was the first tool our company founder created. His grandson now runs the company as JHL Supply. The AK114 eliminates the replacement of orifices and is useful in removing water from flooded lines. The first time you use it, you will wonder how you ever got by without it.

    • Heavy duty construction for years of dependable service.
    • Attaches quickly to hot water heater, furnace, stove, and dryer
    • Fits easily into tool box or pocket.
    • Eliminates the replacement of orifices
    • Useful in cleaning moisture, carbon, and lint from orifices.
    • Useful in removing water from flooded lines.
    • Standard length of hose is 5". For a small charge, we can customize it to any length.
    • Not only great for service calls but also opening and closing camps and campers for the season.
    • Great for apartment complexes or other large facilities with many gas pilots from the stove to the hot water tank and furnace.
    • Great for PM (preventative maintenance ) as well as pilot orifices clogged over time with carbon.
    • Best pilot cleaning too around!

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    Reveiws for the Leavey Pilot Cleaning Pump Kit

    "Best kept secret in the industry!" - FInger Lakes Gas Eqipment Geneva,NY

    "When the cold weather comes, we get lots of calls when people start using their furnaces because the pilots are clogged up. I use the pump and it works perfect. I am in and out in ten minutes." - Mr. Omar Garcia Mr.G Propane Mission,Tx

    "Saves me a world of time. 99 out of 100 times you don't need to take the 45 minutes to take apart the whole orifice assembly. Just hook it up and blow it out." - Mr. Houston Watson National Propane Miltion, FL

    "I wish I would have found this ten years ago!" - Mr. Scott Murphy Tempaco Tampa, FL

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