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MA-0230 The Sidekick, 30" Condenser Cleaning Break-Through

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    Sidekick, Condenser Cleaning Break-Through

    The MA-Line MA-0230 Sidekick is a rugged commercial quality 30" long American made tool.

    It is precision formed and machined of thick wall aluminum tubing, with a flow control on-off valve.

    It is the only tool that is designed and patented (U.S. #4,600,153 and Canada #1257456) specifically to clean air conditioning condensing units.

    It is a unique power sprayer that simply attaches to a regular garden hose and develops more than four times the cleaning power of a standard nozzle because of its 13 parallel jet streams of water. It delivers a powerful, accurate, but gentle flow that easily flushes lint, hair, dirt, grass clippings, cottonwood fuzzies, and other impurities from the coil.

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      Posted by on Mar 29th 2016

      Great idea for a product but definitely room for improvement. I'm dissapointed the shut off is plastic, for as much as this cost I was hoping for a metal one. It does leak a little from the screw in the plastic shut off switch itself. Other than that it is awesome. It has incredible force and is great at cleaning. It helps my back so I don't have to bend over into air-conditioners. I do recommend buying it. You can easily take it apart and upgrade to a metal shut off valve.