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Pete's Plug II 100XL Neoprene 1/4" NPT - 3" Long

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    Product Description

    The Pete's Plug is made to make testing pressure and temperature in gas, water, steam and other lines easier. Instead of having a gauge or thermometer permanently installed on one or several of these lines, install the pete's plugs then open the plug up and check your temperature or pressure.

    Use our pocket thermometers for temperature or our gauge adapter (Model 500) for pressure tests.

    Valve core material: neoprene
    Pipe Thread: 1/4 in. NPT
    Body Material: 360 Brass
    O.A.L. Length: 3"

    About Pete's Plug

    In 1965 Mr. Charles D. Peterson was an engineer for Universal Controls Corp. and was asked to design a device for the natural gas industry that would allow a utility man to quickly take a pressure reading. A device was developed using a valve similar to that of a football or basketball. The valve was encased in a brass housing with ¼" pipe threads. A standard football needle using an adapter & pressure gauge was inserted in the pressure test plug and quickly removed after a reading was taken. A second plug was developed with a ½" NPT housing that would allow pressure & temperature readings using a bi-metal thermometer. In 1969 Mr. Peterson formed his own company, Peterson Equipment Co., Inc. A pressure & temperature test plug was designed and produced. It not only allowed pressure readings, but temperature readings as well in a ¼" NPT brass housing. This allowed for the use of a 1/8" diameter pressure needle to be developed that would not bend or become clogged like the old standard football needle. The new design has two self closing valves for rapid sealing upon removal of the needle or temperature probe. This is what started the use of a pressure and temperature test plug called a "Pete's Plug®". The "Pete's Plug®" is used by the Natural Gas & Hydronic Industries as well as numerous other applications. It is produced in the United States, England & Australia. Sales of the Pete's Plug are over 30 Million units in the last 40 years and is the standard pressure or temperature test plug used by many companies throughout the world.

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