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TPI 183A Digital Multimeter

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    Product Description

    The 183A is a hand-held autoranging DMM. The 183A measures ACV, DCV, ACA, DCA, Resistance, Frequency, Duty Cycle, Diodes, Capacitance, Temperature and Continuity. The meter is also easy to use and built to last. The DMM 183A also features:

    • REC: Records Min/Max readings during specified measurement intervals.
    • RANGE: Allows the user to manually range the 183A instead of autoranging.
    • Data Hold: Holds the reading on the display for easy viewing.
    • REL: Displays the value as a difference to a reference value.
    • Auto Off: Preserves battery life.

    Additional Features and Benefits of the Model 183A:

    • Duty cycle (% pulse width modulation) for measuring modulating gas valves
    • Low pass filter for noisy environments
    • Separate fuse (2) and battery compartment
    • IR serial interface that can be used to input data to PC with optional A183
    • High resolution (0.01) low DC microamp range for measuring flame safety control circuit
    • Frequency, capacitance, temperature, data hold, min/max record, relative mode
    • AC/DC volts, AC/DC amps, resistance, audible continuity and diode test

    The 183A comes complete with the following accessories:

    • 183A Instrument
    • Rubber Boot
    • Zippered Vinyl Carrying Case
    • Test Lead Set
    • Instruction Manual

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