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TPI 275 Digital Clamp Meter

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    The slim design 275 is a hand-held, autoranging clamp digital multimeter. Extra large numerals, min/max, capacitance, DC microamps and duty cycle are just a few of the features of the 275. An affordable choice, the 275 offers measurements in all basic electrical functions with additional advanced features like non-contact voltage.

    • Measure DC amperage of motor drive units
    • Measure flame safety control current
    • Test run and start capacitors and motors
    • Measure motor run current and capture peak motor start up amperage
    • Measure heat anticipator current
    • Determine thermocouple voltage
    • Test line and control voltages
    • Measure heating element resistance
    • Measure air temperature in ducts
    • Test for the presence of voltage in circuits without contacting the circuit
    • Measure temperature differential using relative mode

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